MLB - Major League Baseball


Political Marketing + Media brings it all to you: Home Team Sports RSNs—the dominant carrier of all Regular season games--as  well as the 87th MLB All Star Game (7/12), National League Championships, and The World Series on FOX and Foxsports1 Networks.

In addition to the Regional Sports Networks, we feature opportunities for games on FS1 (Thursdays and Saturdays) as well as the FOX Network's broadcast game of the week on Saturday night.

The National League Championship Series airs on FOX and FS1 in October, in fortuitous alignment with the political cycle.

Between April and October, Major League Baseball games are typically the highest rated programming available in a market. We deliver engaged HOME TEAM VIEWERS who are HOME STATE VOTERS. Let us show you how advertising in local sports drives campaign results.

PM+M: Where sports and politics team up to WIN!


Hockey ratings and viewership are generated locally, not nationally, and Home Team Sports delivers over 1 Million homes across the nation every night. Storied franchises from Hockeytown USA’s Detroit Redwings to Philadelphia’s Broad Street Bullies to hockey legend Bobby Orr’s Boston Bruins boast loyal audiences with consistently high rating and diverse demographics for the home town heroes.

It's all about The Stanley Cup and April will end with history in the making! For the first time since 1970, all teams in contention for The Stanley Cup are US-based.  Home Team Sports is projected to have the largest first round reach ever!

Don't be caught in the Penalty box!   Be are part of Home Team Hockey:  LOCAL fans are LOCAL voters.


Plenty of April NBA action, where conference winners, divisional champs and top seeds fight for home court advantages for the playoff and championship series. No lead is safe, upsets abound, and buzzer beaters happen every night.

From Magic to Michael, from Curry to James, just about every game and every play is seen FIRST on Home Team Sports. Did you know that the Miami Heat game is the ONLY program to be ranked #1 in both General market and Hispanic audiences?   Or that the Cleveland Cavaliers game generated more ratings than ALL the local news outlets (both broadcast and cable) in the market's State of the Union delivery combined?  

The biggest stars and plays are seen first live by LOCAL audiences and LOCAL voters on Home Team Sports.

NFL - National Football League

Is there a better known brand than the NFL on FOX?   We don't think so either.  It started it all.    While New York watches their beloved Giants, Philadelphia soars with the Eagles and our nation's capital roots on their storied Redskins.    Where else can you deliver almost HALF the homes in Green Bay every single Sunday but in the Packers?!    Political Marketing and Media is proud do represent National Sales of the NFL on FOX.   There simply is no better way for a Nationwide Candidate or Issue to reach millions of fans taking in the most local of passions.



NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association

Home Team Sports represents dozens of NCAA Conferences who air their games on our nationwide network of Regional Sports Networks.   From Big East Basketball games on RSN's in Boston, New York and all across the Northeast to Big 12 Football, prominantly featured across Texas and Oklahoma on FS Southwest.  

In addition, two fully national top tier networks, with regional relevance, are the prides of the portfolio:  The Big Ten Network and The Pac12 Networks.    Every game, every sport, every school, brought to students, alumni and fans 365 days a year.

Home Team Collegiate Sports are right along side Home Team Pro Sports in every state.   Fact is, we don't miss a fan.