PMM has done the legwork for you! Nationally, Regionally and Locally, we have established direct partnerships with teams and leagues across the U.S. for both English and Spanish language broadcasts. From the Green Bay Packers to the Washington Redskins, from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Philadelphia Phillies, as well as multiple premier NASCAR events and the SB Nation network, PMM brings your client's message right into the ears of local fans and voters everywhere.

NCAA College Sports Radio

We own the rights through our university partnerships and will be part of their local broadcasts providing multiple affiliates in each market on a statewide basis. When you purchase a spot, it airs equally across all schools and markets



Dax Premium Audio

DAX’s audio footprint crosses each of the three major audio pillars - pureplay, live streaming, and podcasts.

Across pureplay services, DAX represents premium platforms including TuneIn, AccuRadio, LiveXLive (formerly Slacker), and 977 Music.

DAX also represents the digital live streams of some of the largest terrestrial broadcasters in the country including Cumulus, Idobi, Empire, Beasley, and Urban One.